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  • PDLC film

    PDLC film is short for polymer dispersed liquid crystal film, which make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. It is the main part of the smart glass.

  • PDLC film for Projection

    PDLC film for projection can also make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. Additionally acting a certain appplication mainly for display function on opaque condition.

  • Smart glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass which uses electric control to achieve the transfer between transparent and opaque condition.

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LED glass
Safety LED glass can bring you a wonderful life ever, colorful and special design can be available.
    LED glass is a kind high-tech product which is inserted with LED source to make different type and pattern. LED glass has the feature of outstanding brightness, energy-save. The line of the LED glass can not be seen on the surface by using special technology. Also made with laminating glass technology, LED glass can stop morn than 98% UV and 40% IR light and has all other specialty as laminated glass.

Product features:
1. Security: using the laminated tempered glass processing technology, kind of safety glass.
2. Excellent noisy resistance, UV and IR resistance, environmental protection and health protection
3. Low power consumption and stable performance
3. Various customized color and pattern design

Led light color White light, Warm white, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Maximum size 1400mm x 2600mm/pcs
Operating temperature -20℃to 70℃
Voltage < DC 60V(depends on the design)
Power consumption Depends on the design
Transfer time <100ms
Visible light transmittance 80%
Viewing angle 160°
UV resistance 99%
IR resistance 40%
Commercial or home decoration, furniture design, illumination design, landscape design, shower cubicle, clinic, house number, informational sign design, meeting room partition, curtain wall glass, shop windows, special counter design, luxury counter design, scuttle design, 3C glass products panel design, billboard design, clock, prize, lamps and other terminal applications widely fields. Such as hand ceiling, curtain wall, cosmetics showcase, furniture, partition ceiling, elevator rail, floor, etc.