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  • PDLC film

    PDLC film is short for polymer dispersed liquid crystal film, which make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. It is the main part of the smart glass.

  • PDLC film for Projection

    PDLC film for projection can also make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. Additionally acting a certain appplication mainly for display function on opaque condition.

  • Smart glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass which uses electric control to achieve the transfer between transparent and opaque condition.

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The influence of building industry--crakdown on pornographic entertainment places

    2014, February, a major police crackdown is targeting China’s prostitution capital, in the city of Dongguan, located in southern China’s Guangdong province. Over the weekend, more than 300 establishments in what is known as China’s Sin City were raided by police, leading to the arrests of 67 people.
Prostitution is rampant in Dongguan, but often masked by businesses operating as karaoke clubs, saunas, massage parlors, and even a few luxury hotels. 
At some extent, the development of Dongguan entertainment business stimulates the hotel business into booming: from 1990-2006, starred hotels in Dongguan increased 18times, five star hotels increased 15times, which has nearly 7000 rooms in total, 400rooms for each hotel on average, making the “Dongguan miracle ” on China hotel development history. By the end of 2012, Dongguan processed 21 five hotels, which holds one fifth quantities of Guangdong province, the yearly turnover was more than 30 bilion RMB.
    This powerful Dongguan anti-obscenity will surely affect the local starred hotel industry. According to data reported from a Dongguan economic observer, this anti-obscenity cause a 30% decrease occupancy rate of Dongguan hotel, many prostitutes left to avoid the trend, which bring the 80% loss of income in entertainment places.
From this condition, we analyze the influence to the building industry:
1. The sealed hotels and entertainment places will go to transition step by.
2. Some hotels and entertainment places will slow the construction status
3. The quantities of hotels and entertainment will surely decrease.
    At the same time, our laminated glass decoration will be affected accordingly. But like the laminated glass and 3D leather carving prices are becoming more popular, the building material could be used to home decoration instead such as TV background wall, kitchen, partition etc.