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  • PDLC film

    PDLC film is short for polymer dispersed liquid crystal film, which make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. It is the main part of the smart glass.

  • PDLC film for Projection

    PDLC film for projection can also make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. Additionally acting a certain appplication mainly for display function on opaque condition.

  • Smart glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass which uses electric control to achieve the transfer between transparent and opaque condition.

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Smart glass--The future new trend of the shower room
        Nowadays, shower room is one of the four main sanitary products and becomes essential sanitary ware for modern home decoration, especially with the development of real estate, it stimulates the demand for shower room market. Great changes have taken place for the design and function of the shower room, it will be the future new trend that we will be more focus on the safer shower rooms products consumption with the emergence of laminated smart glass shower room. Laminated smart glass is the five times as tempered glass on compressive strength and impact resistance. Even with the breakage, the fragments of single or double layer smart glass will remain sticking together tightly with the EVA film inside. The surface of the broken glass stay tidy and smooth, making the fragments would not move and even drop out on the ground, which would not hurt the people or object around. As a result, smart glass shower room provides a high safety to the consumers, which meets the future new trend for shower room market.

        Smart glass is made by liquid crystal sheet solidified between two glass (Laminated with EVA film ). The theory of the smart glass is: on natural condition, the arrangement of the liquid crystal inside the glass is ruleless, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than the polymer outside, incident light scatters on the polymer, which is milk-white, means opaque. When power on, the liquid drop of the polymer with liquid crystal dispersion will rearrange, the liquid crystal will become ruleless arrangement to ordered arrangement, which makes the same refractive index of the liquid crystal and the polymer, so incident light can pass through completely to form transparent condition. So this is another main reason for the new future trend of smart glass becoming shower room