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  • PDLC film

    PDLC film is short for polymer dispersed liquid crystal film, which make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. It is the main part of the smart glass.

  • PDLC film for Projection

    PDLC film for projection can also make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. Additionally acting a certain appplication mainly for display function on opaque condition.

  • Smart glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass which uses electric control to achieve the transfer between transparent and opaque condition.

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Smart glass door and window(electrical curtain)


       In recent years, smart glass door and windows partition is generating a hit popularity in China construction and decoration, which is widely used for more than 20 years in western countries as high-tech door and windows glass.

        Whenever wanted privacy-protecting is the biggest selling point of the smart glass. There is not much difference between normal and smart glass door and windows from the appearance, but only the smart glass becomes white opaque on normal condition, transparent by clicking the switch on, very wonderful. In fact, as the selling points of increasing the movie high-technology, Hollywood uses this magical function many times, we oftern can see in the Movie scences like “The Wolverine” series, “X-Men” series, Cold War(HK) and the Arnold Schwarzenegger series etc. Smart glass door and windows are also called electrical curtain that means, it is possible to make privacy-protection effect of the transparent glass even without the curtain.