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  • PDLC film

    PDLC film is short for polymer dispersed liquid crystal film, which make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. It is the main part of the smart glass.

  • PDLC film for Projection

    PDLC film for projection can also make the fast switch between transparent and opaque condition. Additionally acting a certain appplication mainly for display function on opaque condition.

  • Smart glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminating glass which uses electric control to achieve the transfer between transparent and opaque condition.

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25th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition

Exhibition Information
Title: 25th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition
Venue:  ShanghaiNew International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Date: 14 – 17 April 2014
Exhibit area:Over 80000 square meters
Exhibitors Over 800 Exhibitors from 26 countries all over the world

China Glass 2014 will take place in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 14 – 17 April 2014 and will use 7 halls including halls E1 - E7 at the east wing of SNIEC. China Glass is dedicated to the global glass industry, covering equipment, materials, technology as well as engineering and design research employed in all aspects of flat glass, container glass and other special glass industries, such as prominent PV glass industry. It is expected that the most of regular exhibitors will be back to China Glass 2014 in Shanghai and request us to hold space the same dimension as the last event. Alongside China Glass 2014 will be technical seminars, GPD China 2014, Symposium on Glass Melting Technology and news release conference on glass exhibitions. The event will attract the best visitors in the business, who represent manufacturers, distributors and end users from various countries and regions in the word. This means more opportunities to meet potential users and target buyers, so that you can promote products in markets worldwide. In the meantime, the Chinese glass industry is currently carrying out industrial restructuring and innovation in products, and China Glass 2014 will meet the needs of Chinese and overseas exhibitors with new machines, equipment, components, spare parts, as well as solar technologies including photovoltaic glass, panels, sealing materials, cell production, processing technology and testing systems.
2. Exhibits Profile
(1)   Various Glass Products and Application
(2)   Various Production Lines and Machines for Float Flat Glass and Container Glass
(3)   Equipment for Processing Glass
(4)   Special Glass and Process Equipment
(5)   Solar Glass and Process Equipment
(6)   Refractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials

Welcomed all the customers and friends to come to the exhibition for future cooperation on our fabric laminated glass, 3D leather carving, various laminated glass etc!!